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Moving to Southern Maine was a great escape and a wonderful life choice. Surrounded by natural beauty, wildlife and water with a moody sky and the changing seasons it is as the sign entering Maine states “The Way Life Should Be”.

I think everyone in Maine takes a little bit of pride in making certain we hold up our part of keeping up the meaning of that saying.

My work life has become a three legged stool. One leg is the Jewelry and Ornaments shown on this site. The next leg is my second career as a licensed therapist and ADHD Coach. The third leg is the petite suite AirBnB I have in my home. Meaning anyone can come and visit for a little taste of Southern Maine and the Seacoast area.

My More Formal Bio
Deirdre Donchian got her start in the creative arts in NYC as a young teen. Deirdre took a number of courses at the Art Student League, Kulick Stark Academy and the 92nd Street Y, studying with Thomas Gentilli and Robert Ebendorf. Learning leather work, enameling as well as jewelry making. She graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a BA in Jewelry and Light Metals. Deirdre developed many lines of jewelry over many years of wholesale and retail, traveling to major trade shows through the United States. Deirdre continues to update her line of jewelry and ornaments. Deirdre has also pursued her interest in mental health and is licensed in ME, NH & MA as a LCSW and LICSW. She is also a certified ADHD Coach.

See her profile on Psychology Today.

Deirdre lives and works in Southern Maine.

About The Work

Primitive Elegance
In my jewelry designs there is always a tension between the Primitive and the Elegant. Between the light and the dark, the rough and the smooth. I use simple symbols and patterns.There are messages, connections to spirit and the earth. You will be attracted to the piece of jewelry that is right for you. Let the jewelry guide you.
Which piece is meant for you?

Special Connection Between Mental health and the Arts


Mindfulness & mental health & hand made things.

There has always been a strong bond between mental health and the arts. Whether for personal benefit or purposely such as journaling, expressive arts therapy , drawing, knitting, Mandala drawing (adult drawing books), good cooking or baking, music and much more. The Arts as lifestyle or as hobby bring us a scene of well-being. Making something, anything is good for the soul.

Being attracted to, wearing, owning, decorating with handmade art items is also good for the soul. We get a good feeling when we wear something we like or use a mug or bowl someone made or look at an art item in our home. That feeling of well-being is all important. The ability to notice it, and how you are feeling in the moment—Mindfulness.

“Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgementally.”

— Jon Kabat Zinn

Good stuff! Good to practice. 

Use the beauty of something hand made to help you be mindful.

You can also find Deirdre on Psychology Today


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